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Who we are at OnPulseMarketing

OnPulseMarketing is a digital marketing agency that specializes in PPC advertising from start-ups to scale-ups. We provide businesses with topnotch solutions to generate more sales opportunities and constant growth in no time.

The online market is a fast-growing and ever-changing space that needs your constant attention and professional expertise. Running a business is no easy task, especially in times of pandemic, yet we believe everything starts and ends with a good strategy.

OnPulseMarketing is committed to helping you build a solid digital presence 24/7 that will take your company to the next level. A level where being highly competitive is an attitude that keeps your business alive. Our proven expertise with multifaceted marketing practices has generated results we could only be proud of. This explains why dozens of people have made us feel part of their ongoing marketing success.

If you are in constant need of a fresh pair of eyes and skillful hands towards your business growth, why are you waiting for! Choose OnPulseMarketing and we will never keep our hands off your business’ pulse.

What We Do

Our methodology is based on generating growth whilst helping our clients stay within their budget. Whether you’re a start-up or a solid scale-up, we can help you reach tangible results from running cost-effective, yet highly efficient PPC campaigns, no matter the budget. This has enabled us to position ourselves as one of a kind agency that puts our clients business needs as a priority and reaches ongoing ROI despite anything.

We are confident that together we can take you a step closer to having an ongoing flow of traffic, sales and of course, profit for your company. We redefine the traditional way of targeting your ideal clients and make the algorithms work for the success of your business. This helps you save time, efforts and money thus enabling us to generate results in the least costly way. 

If you are convinced that our services are a good match for your PPC needs, there is only one thing left for you to do! 

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Why We Do It

We measure our success by how successful our clients are! This is and has been our philosophy over the course of many years.  We think of our clients as of our families and thus, we treat them the way we would have wished to be treated. This has helped us to put our clients’ needs first and make meaningful and rewarding relationships with them.

Thanks to this, we can proudly say we are not yet another marketing agency, rather than we are the agency that is committed to results, values relationships, takes responsibility at its highest, makes calculated risks and under no-circumstances will underachieve.

Let us bridge the gap and start putting the first stone of years long fruitful collaboration

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Our Team


Our experienced team constantly introduces innovations in the field of eCommerce Marketing, staying ahead of new trends and finding creative solutions to help you grow your eCommerce business.

Alexander S.

Head of Marketing

Nancy B.

PPC Manager

Melanie J.

PPC Specialist

Our Team

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