Mobile Signal Boosters

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on how efforts ensured great success for a once failing business – the absolute dominant in their niche right now.

Mobile Signal Boosters is an e-commerce business of mobile signal amplifiers. Founded in 2009, MSB has been solving bad signal issues creating a world where everyone can enjoy high signal availability to accessing calls and digital data services. With rising competition in the field, MSB turned to Smarketa to develop its overall digital marketing strategy.

Challenges and Goals

MSB project itself was quite a challenge, but thorough analysis showed that MSB had 4 fundamental problems:

  • Vague Target Market
  • Weak Value Proposition
  • Poor Traffic Segmentation/Targeting
  • Sub-optimal Conversion Strategies

We needed to develop a strategic booting plan of website optimization for search engines. Final goals were: transformation of the website through optimization, traffic growth that would result in better conversions and more sales.


Firstly, the most important questions in eCommerce business were given answers to. This helped identify the target market and define the value proposition – the unique feature which would become the winning advantage point for MSB. For each of 4 fundamental problems a detailed plan of actions and campaigns was created. To get a better insight of what was worked best, we tested numerous strategies and mechanisms: from paid ads to content copywriting, from onsite/offsite optimisation to retargeting campaigns.

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To get the store off the ground it was decided to launch a whole set of ad campaigns: search ads, shopping adsand video ads. The fastest, most reliable traffic-pulling channel, search engine ads worked best with manual bidding strategy. Shopping ads resulted in a 34% rise in traffic and increased the average order value. In-stream video ads on Youtube didn’t work well, so we went for YouTube shopping ads.


The overall SEO strategy had two parts:
• On-Page SEO – onsite optimization of relevant elements in the website like: images, metadata, interlinking, outgoing links, content
• Off-Page SEO – the activity happening away from the website and still impacting its rank. Backlinks! Niche-relevant, highly authoritative websites citing and referencing to the MSB website: we managed to provide a backlink from Hubspot and got highly-targeted additional visitors.

Get into details of the case study

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Content Marketing

Proper keyword research provided us with hottest keyword we needed to have articles with. Additional search (social shares, likes and engagement) helped determine what type of content readers liked. So, to make sure we deliver the highest-quality content, we hired a writer specialized in the exact same area thus attracting high interest by the audience. This strategy is based on providing great value to the readers educating them so that they understand their issue and make a decision.


All the traffic (i.e. potential customers) of the website who came through various ad channels or valuable content, reached the checkout page and left without buying, was remarketed through display ads on social platforms, discount popups and email retargeting mechanisms. All these methods had great results only because we had created remarketing lists according to priority, engagement rate and recentness and retargeted the lists differently.

Conversion Optimisation

We launched a conversion optimisation campaign for turning the MSB website visitors into customers. First, we used several tools to analyse user experience:

  • Funnel analysis
  • Heatmap analysis
  • Visitor behaviour recordings

Due to the funnel analysis we found the pages where major dropoffs were observed. That helped determine the weak points to be later changed. Heatmaps opened a clear view of what an average website visitor clicks on, all under a heat-visible layer, while watching MSB visitor behaviour recordings identified the poor-performing parts. Optimisation was done after the comprehensive analyses.


+880% website traffic
+45% Conversion
+30% Average Order Value
+450% Return On Investment
+3130% Keywords in top 10
+1353% Organic Traffic