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Increase in Organic Traffic


Increase in ROAS


Increase of Webstite Users

Since we started using Smarketa’s service our traffic has grown on average by 128% on monthly basis and the sales for the past quarter have grown on average by 40% per month. We feel the value Smarketa’s team has brought to our online store and highly recommend them!

Matthew Hughins

Our Client:

Launched in London in 2011, Xlash is committed to a fresh approach to beauty. With advanced formula and customer-proven results, Xlash gives clinically proven superior results. This makes Xlash a unique product in the marketplace, driving unmatched affordability. Xlash is focused on achieving class-leading online market presence in both the B2B and B2C sectors. However, like every new business, this requires careful research, planning and delivery. For Xlash, the emphasis was on Search Engine Optimisation and Pay Per Click (PPC) marketing campaigns.

The Challenge:

Before discovering Smarketa, Xlash had developed an ongoing PPC campaign which was not delivering the results that were promised or expected. It was essential that this exciting new business found a more effective way of reaching its target market and achieving its aspirations.
Getting in touch with Smarketa revolutionised the firm’s online strategy! Although Xlash initially asked us to help with Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) it became apparent very quickly that we were an awesome partner to work with. Our great SEO results demonstrated that we could also produce and manage a really impactful PPC Campaign.

An Impactful PPC Campaign!

For PPC to be effective a business needs real experts who intimately understand the holistic context of complex, multi-faceted PPC campaigns. Our detailed review of 8 key factors was central to building the foundations for success

Keywords: We reviewed the keywords used for PPC and discovered that only a small number of target keywords were being employed. By carrying out an in-depth keyword research project we were able to identify a more effective selection of keywords for the campaign.

Quality Scores: Low quality scores for PPC results needed to be addressed through improved landing page experiences and advertising copy.

Branded Search Campaign: There were two issues here: A minimal number of advert copies per advert group, and very few negative keywords within the campaign. This was addressed by increasing the advert copies and adding a carefully designed set of negative keywords.

Non-Branded Search campaign: Again, insufficient negative keywords and duplication of the advert group used in the branded campaign were creating issues which would reduce the effectiveness of the campaign. We increased advert copies, created definitive structural differences between the branded and non-branded campaign and created another set of negative keywords.

Search Campaign Competitors: Our research revealed that the initial campaign was not cost effective and consequently the cost-per-click was higher than it should have been. We re-optimised the campaign based on the budget and the anticipated return on investment.

• Remarketing Campaign: The remarketing campaign was not segmented and would, therefore, never be fully effective. We redesigned the campaign based on the principles of organisation and clear market segmentation

• Audience Listing: Audience listings were missing in the search campaigns, so we addressed this by adding a corresponding audience listing.

• Display Remarketing: We added display remarketing to the campaign as this had been excluded previously.

Working within the original budget, by the second month of the campaign we had delivered amazing results:

• Clicks increased by 492.63% and Click-through rates increased by 50%
• Costs had increased by 873.92% demonstrating exponential growth with 5.25% decrease in cost-perclick
• Conversions had increased by 400% delivering a return on advertising spend was 194%

Our work included comprehensive website optimization strategies, focused metadata, content, product page correlations and much more across the entire website.
Off-site strategies complemented these activities, raising brand and product awareness through engagement with top niche platforms, participation in hot discussions on topical platforms and mentions in leading relevant niche magazines.

A 660% increase in organic traffic and 1,179 new website users, an increase of 634%

A 100% increase in revenues and an increase of 100% for ecommerce conversion rates

Like all our clients, Xlash was delighted with the results!


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