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Organic traffic is no longer the same. No matter the efforts invested, you still don’t have full control over it and even a slight change in the algorithm, can significantly affect months of hard work.

Whereas when it comes to paid traffic, not only you have full  control over the traffic you’re paying for, the audience you want to target, the demographics, but also have total control over your budget!

At onPulseMarketing we provide highly effective PPC tips and techniques from setup to maintenance and scaling. 

PPC, in a nutshell, is a not-to-miss ingredient for marketers, which enables them to see fast and measurable results. You can get highly targeted traffic to your website that is most likely to take the desired action. As most of the businesses are now moving to the virtual space, you need to adapt your advertising to fit the needs and behavior of your potential customers. Paid advertising will also help you get on the map if you are a newbie, bringing you the right traffic in no time.

Trust the experts from OnPulseMarketing to take your business from where it is now to where you want it to be.


Why Choose Us?

Over a decade of experience on different verticals across continents has enabled us to take to a different level, where we feel strongly confident of the results we are responsible for. Our team of experts has successfully implemented sophisticated PPC strategies in 4+ languages. OnPulseMarketing is a marketing agency with a mindset for automation, which has generated outstanding results for our clients. We set human-to-human relationships first, which is our key to building meaningful relationships with people who trust us.

Types of Our eCommerce Advertising Channels

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Google Search Ads

Search advertising is ideal for eCommerce stores that want to rank for particular keywords, target a specific audience, get a particular amount of traffic, within a distinct budget. Since the search (PPC) ads are only displayed to searchers who search for terms related to those you are paying for, there is a higher chance of conversion as you’re driving only relevant traffic to your store. And we’ll keep changing the strategy to make sure you win. Search ads are a perfect fit if you need to increase your sales in a minimum time possible by driving targeted traffic already interested in your product.

Google Shopping Ads

Product listing (shopping) ads work similarly to search ads. This ad format is developed specifically for eCommerce stores. They are visual – they include featured product image, allowing your potential prospect to see the image of the product you’re promoting and are tailored towards products and product categories (vs. keywords). With Product Listing (shopping) ads you can instantly promote a certain, few or all of your products on Google.

Youtube Ads

YouTube ads are a very effective form of advertising for eCommerce stores, as the ads are targeted based on the Google search and Youtube view history of your audience. People are more keen to click and watch an ad if the content is connected with their previous searches. Note that video is also the most engaging form of content and a must-have channel for the marketing strategy of your store.

Facebook Ads

Facebook Ads are another powerful method to boost an ecommerce store giving an opportunity to examine competitive market, target specific audience and interact with them at the right time. Facebook’s Lookalike Audiences tool makes it easier to find potential customers that are similar to already existing ones. Investing in Facebook marketing gives you high chances to succeed.

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