Top 10 factors for your Google Ads campaigns to succeed

Achieving success out of your Google Ads campaigns is crucial and whether you reach success or not depends on numerous factors that you have to take into account, which we are going to reveal in this post.

When a company launches a Google ads advertising campaign, it is driven towards good results in the fastest possible way.

We will highlight Top 10 most important factors that cannot be missing when going for a successful Google ads strategy.

1. Train your professionals

Google ads is sophisticated and requires quite a bit of training, so that the person who is going to manage your advertising campaigns must know how handle them correctly.

By knowing how to use all of the functionalities of Google ads one can only take more informed decisions when planning and launching Google ads advertising campaigns.

2. Define your goals

Before running Google ads campaigns we have to be clear about the goals that we want to go for: Whether it is a business goal, a marketing, a campaign or media goal, the objective should always be clear. If you want the algorithms to serve the goals of your business, you have to be clear about the goals you have set to achieve.

3. Structure the account

It may seem obvious but many brands do not have well-structured Google Ads campaigns, which may affect the money invested for the performance of the ads. 

The first thing you should do is structure each of your campaigns well, being clear about the objectives you want to achieve, the budget you are going to invest, the geographic segmentation, the ad groups, the ads that you are going to include in each group and their keywords.

Just as you configure the objectives of your Google Analytics account well, you must think carefully about the keywords and choose them based on the ad of your campaign.

4. Solve problems and provide solutions

Ad content is important when it comes to motivating users. It is not about praising your brand or business highlighting what they achieve with your product or service and how you are going to solve a specific problem, make sure to always use a call to action to motivate the users to click.

Keep in mind that when someone uses a search engine like Google, it is not so much for the sake of finding you, rather than for solving a situation or problem – satisfying a need. If with an appropriate content, images, and a suitable landing page … you convey that trust, you will surely win a click on your ad and of course, a customer.

5. Always test and analyze

How can we know whether something works or not depends if we have analyzed the results through running tests of experiments. Analyzing is always useful and very important to guarantee the success of our Google Ads campaigns. It is essential to run at least a SWOT analysis before starting any campaign or business

If you make two or three versions of the same ad, with different texts, images and Call To Actions, for example, you will be able to see which one works better and see which one has obtained the most clicks or conversions, and from there, create new ads taking as a reference the one that has obtained the best data.

With Google Analytics it is easy to do a / b test of the landing page, although you should also know how to configure the objectives in this tool and use the experiments. Although today there are numerous tools with which you can work and do A / B tests.

6. Take into account the reports

Reviewing and controlling the different reports can be quite boring. However, if you really want your Google Ads campaigns to not be a waste of money, you should review them at least once a week or every 15 days.

Although you should not get too obsessed with them, it is important that you take them into account to know what is working and what may be failing.

The reports will provide you with data that will help you make decisions related to your campaigns, just like the test.

7. Direct your clients to the right place on your website

It is useless to launch a good Google ads campaign if you do not direct users to the right place on your website.

When a potential customer clicks on your ad, they expect to find what you stood out for and not something else. This means that if you are advertising tennis shoes for golf, it does not make sense to direct your potential client to the main website of your brand, rather than to the specific product category.

Help them find what they are looking for with the first click and avoid paying  high Cost per acquisition without receiving a conversion in return.

8. Make sure your website works

A no-brainer? Well not so much. Many times, companies dedicate all their effort to hiring or launching campaigns that could succeed but the fundamental thing fails: the website.

Just as it is important to direct them to the exact landing page and prevent them from getting lost and bounce, it is important to make sure that the page works, has a responsive design and does not generate errors, 404 or similar, etc

9. Calculate your ROI and define your goals

ROI is the profit obtained from each ad conversion based on what has been invested in and is calculated as follows:

ROI = (Revenue – Cost of Products Sold) / Cost of Products Sold

Defining your goals well is one more step to achieve the success with Google Ads campaigns and to calculate ROI.

In addition, to facilitate the measurement of ROI, you must track conversions (the actions you want customers to take on the website you have directed them to and which can be a purchase, a registration or a download).

10. Avoid using too many keywords

The use of the right keywords and their match types greatly benefits when directing your Google Ads campaigns to the ideal customers, those who will be interested in your brand or product / service.

However, the tool itself recommends not abusing the use of keywords, considering the ideal number between 5 and 20 per ad group.

You should also pay close attention to the fact that the keywords in the ad groups must be directly related to the topic of the group.

Here are some tools and tips on how to select your keywords without going crazy.

PLUS. Add extensions to your ads

Ad extensions are a type of Google Ads ad format that shows additional information about your company, product or service. Adding extensions to your ads will make your campaign success easier and will have two main advantages that you should take advantage of:

Better visibility: Extensions tend to improve ad visibility.

Increase in ad value: They tend to increase the total number of clicks by improving the click-through rate (CTR) of your ads. They also offer you useful ways to get more information about your company or interact with the ad, for example allowing you to call your company or provide more links to your website.

Bear in mind that several of these factors directly influence on the quality score of your keywords. The higher the quality level you have (from 1 to 10), the lower the prices may be and the better the position of the ads in the ranking will be.

These are top 10 factors that influence your Google Ads campaigns in order to succeed and you must consider all of them to obtain the desired benefits.